Report shows the average compensation payout in whiplash cases is over £17,000

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By any chances you have been a victim of motor vehicle accidents worry less because this day you can seek medical attention and proceed to hire a qualified motor vehicle lawyer who will push for your compensation for damages of your vehicle, personal injuries, lost wages just to mention but a few.

It important to consider not to delay since the more time you waste the more it becomes difficult for your lawyer to fight back so as to enable you to get financial compensation. This because the witnesses of your accident may forget what they saw on the accident scene or even may become unavailable during the court process to give out witnesses. Additionally, if you delay going to court you may be locked out of court on bases that time frame at which you should have appeared to get your justice.

Consider talking with a qualified accident solicitor‌today. Car accident whiplash is one of the popular injuries which have high tendencies to occur, typically it may result in back injury or even a neck injury. The following are popular accidents that may cause motor accident whiplash, information concerning settlements of amounts and what you are supposed to do when you think you have whiplash motor accident.

What causes motor accident whiplash injury? Whiplash is a common scenario and it can occur several days after the accidents even several weeks after the accidents as taken place. The main cause is when your car is hit causing the body to bump forward quickly, the head in many scenarios causes the injuries in the muscles as well as soft tissues in the neck. These accidents are usually easy to prove since the person who was responsible for rear-ending is usually at fault.

Average Whiplash Compensation Settlements

For neck injuries, the average amount ranges between £11,000 and £12,000, for severe neck injuries and brain damages it is usually 6 and 7 figure sums. Due to different types of injuries which occur during a car accident, it is highly recommended that you consider discussing with your local attorney.

The following is a common compensation plan according to various part of bodily injuries and their extent of the injury

  1. Spinal injuries

For cases of paralysis, the compensation amount maximum is £90,000. Spinal injuries involving sexual problems or injury of bladder maximum compensation is £40,000

  1. Leg Amputation

The compensation here ranges from £20,000 to £37,000. Simple tie fracture that will heal with more than 6 months will be £3500 to £6500

  1. Wrist injury

For minor injuries, the compensation is £2000 to £3000. The severe injury that causes a severe and permanent wrist injuries will receive approximate £40,000.