Car Remapping And Its Benefits

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Do you want to know about car remapping and its process? Are you considering a car remapping and looking for an expert? It is a fact that car remapping has become paramount. Different dealers and workshops and service stations are offering this facility. If you want, you may go for car remapping Liverpool service. In this article, you will get an insight into car remapping, its process and different aspect. You will know its complete process and what is done through remapping service. There are pros and cons of car remapping, and you must know all.

What is remapping?

When you alter the car engine computer, it is called car remapping. It is also known as the engine control system. There is a car engine control unit ECU in your car. It has control over different car functions such as fuel injection, sensors, airflow system and more. You may customize it through a process of remapping. In this process, you change or overwrite the already installed program with new customized software. You personalize some critical functions and improve the performance of your car in this way.

 Benefits of remapping

Car manufacturers install the computer program in their models. These programs control the functionality of your vehicle. If they want something more efficient, they release a new model by just making changes in the program. In this way they introduce the sportier model with the more beneficial engine by just installing some modifications in program. These are small design tweaks. If you are remapping your car engine, you get more out of it. You improve performance and increase fuel efficiency and some other functions.

More speed and power

Remapping increases the speed and control of your care in this way it boosts the engine performance. You may increase horsepower. It depends on your engine quality. For a turbo engine, you get an increase of 40 to 50 bhp. The figures may go lower in other engines. The torque may also be increased to a level of 89 nm. It means you are getting faster than before.

Fuel efficiency through remapping

You may increase fuel power and efficiency. But it depends on your driving nature. You decrease fuel efficiency with some wrong driving, acceleration, speeding and braking habits. It may impact negatively.  Goo driving is a necessary factor along with remapping of your car.