Are you aware of these seven obscure parking laws that could get you fined?

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You may have come across odd laws for drivers to adhere to in the UK but here are some of the most inconspicuous laws you need to learn about. You could end up with a hefty fine if you are unfortunate enough to be caught breaking any of the laws here. Of course, just like most drivers, you are aware of the basic laws in the country, most of which a motoring solicitor can explain easily. What you don’t know it that some many minor laws are never highlighted and could lead you towards legal and relatively financial difficulty.

Some of these laws are common after one park a vehicle and when you realise it, it’s very late. This article has laws that are not easily known. You may have heard about some while others are very new and maybe, shocking to you.

  1. You could be ticketed if the wheels of a car parked in any designated space are over any lines.
  2. You should not place bins, cones or other obstacles to reserve a parking space. That is considered as causing of an obstruction and is not permitted. You could end up being fined.
  3. As you park, ensure you are close to the kerb at least as close as 50cm because if you park your vehicle more than 50cm away, you could be issued with a spot fine.
  4. Many are the times you only park a few minutes to grab coffee or de-icing on the driveway in the winter. You would find it convenient to leave the engine running but that’s against the law. You are supposed to turn off the engine of a parked car before leaving it.
  5. Take time to clean your car or have it cleaned before you requiring a motoring solicitor when you get prosecuted for having an unreadable number plate. You could at least keep the registration number visible.
  6. You should always check in the mirrors when exiting a parked car. It is required by the law and every driver and their passengers have the responsibility to make sure no passing cyclist is knocked down by the opening of a car’s door.
  7. At times you find the need to honk while the car is stationary but did you know it is illegal in the UK to use a car horn when the vehicle is not moving, including when it is stationary?

There are other obscure laws that you may be unaware of. In fact, many are the times when you break some of these laws. It is wise to know these laws since you might need a motoring solicitor one of these days.